Why are you focusing on Software, Product and Entrepreneur Skills and not on others like Job Skills, Life Skills etc?

Our collective experience is in building software products and businesses based on software products. So we wanted these to be starting points. It is easier to focus on a specific area and help people..

Why should I develop software skills?

Software skills help you find jobs in many industries. Software is becoming an essential component of almost every business. Also learning software helps you achieve another essential skill called Computational Thinking which has several applications in real life.

What is the Product Skills all about? Why do I need to have it?

Product Skills help you take the software skills you learn and produce something that others can use. One of the greatest joys in creating something is seeing it being put to good use. So creating a good, usable product will deliver your skills to the people who need it most in the form of products.

I don’t really want to be an entrepreneur. Should I pay attention to entrepreneur skills?

Entrepreneur skills are useful whether you are an entrepreneur or not. These skills help you identify problems, finding solutions,and implement these solutions. But that is not enough. The world needs to know that you and your solution exists. So marketing and sales are essential skills. Learning how to market/sell your product or service helps you understand the problems better and help people more effectively.